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Repacell » TCR3-PLUS®

Der Antiage-Wirkstoffkomplex TCR3-PLUS®
The anti-aging active ingredient complex TCR3-PLUS ®
The beauty experts of the REPACELL® Cosmetics research team developed the unique active ingredient complex TCR3-PLUS® for your anti-aging facial skin care.

This nourishes your skin for your youthful looks with:
   • Proteolea - cell cleanser - removes cellular waste products.
   • Vitasource - telomerase activator for the protection of the telomere length.
   • Cellulosomes eryngium (stem cells) - skin regenerator - to support the renewal
     of the skin.
   • Plus special additives - skin-specific additional ingredient, specially selected for
     the care of your particular skin type.

TCR3-Plus®  can prolong the longevity of the cells. The prolonged longevity of the cells can promote the youth of your skin: Your skin looks young, fresh, smooth and radiant for longer.

DERmatologisch Getestet
Dermatologically tested.
First skin improvements can be seen as early as after 14 days of frequent application. Significant results* can be seen after 28 days:
   • Decrease of unwanted effects of aging.
   • Increase of skin firmness and elasticity.
   • Effective reduction of wrinkle depth, wrinkle area and wrinkle volume.
   • The wrinkle areas are smoothened overall.
   • Rapid increase of the moisture content in the skin.
   • The skin feels incredibly soft.

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* measured on 24 Antiage Luxurious Comfort Cream and Antiage Eye Cream