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Cleansing Cream Mousse Cleansing Cream Mousse

Gentle cleansing substances, combined with the extract of the white lotus flower, prepare your complexion for the anti-age skin care to be applied. Your skin is left perfectly cleansed, fresh and smooth.

Softening Tonic Lotion Softening Tonic Lotion

The tonic lotion without alcohol completes your preparatory cleansing routine: The extract of the white lotus flower supports the refreshing tonifying application.

Comfort Antiage Eye Cream Comfort Antiage Eye Cream

The delicate eye cream with 3.6% telomere containing and cell-reactivating active ingredient complex TCR3-Plus merges with your sensitive eye area in no time for a relieving pleasant light feel. Existing eye wrinkles are visibly smoothened. The active essence Eyeseryl offers additional properties to act against swelling and dark circles under the eyes. Strength and elasticity of the tissue, as well as the moisture content are restored. Your eye contour gains a fresh and youthful outlook into the future.

All Skins