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24 hours of intensive skin support
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24 Stunden intensive Versorgung der Haut24h Antiage Luxurious Cream
The rich cream for the demanding skin contains 3.6% high dosed, innovative active ingredient complex "TCR3 plus®“. This can protect the telomere in the skin day and night, maintain the longevity of the skin cells and their functionality thus prolonging their youthfulness. The moisture in your skin increases rapidly when applied regularly. The elasticity of your skin increases. The contours of your face and the skin tissue feel firmer and tighter. Deep wrinkles are flattened, light wrinkles are smoothened. Your skin looks smoother overall. You charm with an incredible youthful radiance.

Special additional ingredients make the REPACELL® 24H ANTIAGE LUXURIOUS CREAM the individual skin care for your skin type:

For demanding skin with normal needs Plus special additives, synergistic active essence of cornstarch  and mangold - for hydration with 24 extension.

For demanding, sensitive skin Plus special additives, cane and pine sponge extract - soothing and protecting.
For demanding, mature skin Plus special additives, woman ginseng, rockrose and L-glutamine -strengthening and reenergizing.

For demanding combination skin Pus special additives from mahonia, plantain and salicylic acid - balancing, normalizing and smooth freshness.

For demanding, dry skin Plus special additives, Abyssinia oil and rich moisture from the Antarctic deep sea, combined with amino acids - for hydro-lipid protection.